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YOKU MOKU Grand Cinq Delices

Pack No: MEG


YOKU MOKU is a light butter cookie of natural ingredients with no preservatives. This set has five of YOKU MOKU's favorite types of cookies.

The Cigare which are rolled, crepe-like confections with a light butter-vanilla taste. The Double Choclat au Lait which are thin, butter-vanilla cookies doubled over and covered in milk chocolate. The Bateau de macadamia which are buttery shortbread cookies generously topped with macadamia nuts and totally covered in milk chocolate. There are also thin butter-vanilla based confections doubled over with slivered almonds on the top, and lastly the shortbread-type confections.

This assortment is truly irresistible and every cookie is enjoyable. This will be delivered in a YOKU MOKU signature tin can.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska requires an additional Freight. Please ask to
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