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Pack No: R06

Snow Crab: approx 700g & Lobster Tail: 110g x 7

This is the ultimate combination for seafood lovers. Snow Crabs are from the Atlantic Ocean and in parts of Japan known as “The Taste of Winter” because they come from cold parts of the globe. Since these crabs are processed the day they are caught the “Kani-Miso” (which is crab miso) is very enjoyable as well. There are other ways to enjoy these snow crabs besides steaming or boiling such as “Nabe” so there are a variety of ways of enjoying these Snow Crabs.

The lobster tail is bound to be a hit! The tail is the easiest part to cook and there is many different ways to cook them, so it makes it very versatile. Note: these lobster tails are sent frozen. The two most popular, flavorful and loved seafood across the globe make a great combination. You can enjoy it all at once, or save some for later.

There will be extra shipping charge to Hokkaido $5.00, and to Okinawa $15.00.
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