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Late Hervest Premium Dark Cherry

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Order Deadline: 7/23
Expected Delivery Date: Late July

The Dark Cherry is one of the most popular types of Cherry in the U.S. Originating from the Pacific Northwest, the best cherries are still grown in Oregon and Washington. The dark redish purple features less acidity and more sweetness. At Senka, we pick the best of the best, the cherries are different than the general outputs; these cherries are bigger, sweeter, and better. We pack each and every box with care and deliver as quickly as possible by air.

Please Note:
* We are unable to grant requested delivery date with this item.
* When ordering multiple boxes there may be a difference in delivery date due to harvest conditions.
* Depending on weather conditions it may postpone the delivery.
* We are unable to send this item to the Single Islands such as Amai-Oshima and Izu-Shichitou


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