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Pack No: R03

Smoked King Salmon: 150g, Smoked Sockeye Salmon: 150g, & Kazunoko Konbu: 300g

The two most popular types of salmons are smoked and available in this combination. The salmon that stands alone on the top of all salmons, King Salmon and one of the healthiest salmons, the Sockeye Salmon, make a great combination. Both are from the North America in which it is a great environment, where the water is cold and the fish are able of to live freely which results in better tasting fish meat.

Both are smoked to perfection and ready to eat. Complementing the two salmons are "Kazunoko Konbu" is herring roe with kelp which is a luxurious delicacy in Japan. The two types of delicacy from the East and the West is a great combination and is bound to be a hit!
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