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Premium Sea Urchin Assortment

Pack No: UND

Uni Shutou (65g) x 2, Uni Shutou Ruibe x 70g, & Sea Urchin x 100g

This is the perfect assortment for Sea Urchin Lovers! This set includes a regular prototypical sea urchin, a "Uni Shutou," and "Uni Shutou Ruibe." In Japanese Sea Urchin is "Uni." The "Uni Shutou" is seasoned sea urchin. The seasoning is to add extra flavor and aroma to the sea urchin.

This assortment comes with original seasoning and squid seasoning of "Uni Shutou." The "Uni Shutou Ruibe" is a very unique type of sea urchin. "Ruibe" is seafood that is frozen and cut frozen into slices. This "Uni Shutou Ruibe" is the "Uni Shutou" frozen and cut into slices similar to sashimi to add a whole new outlook to sea urchin. This is primarily eaten as appetizers.
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